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Sheet Labels and Templates - Product Specs

Product specs describes stock sheet labels for mailing labels, laser labels, inkjet labels, sheet labels, mailing address labels, address labels and shipping labels. A paper/perm. adhesive material description and printer product performance statement is provided. Mailing Labels USA offers free label templates downloadable in Microsoft® Word (.doc) and Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) formats.

Mailing Labels USA - paper/perm. adhesive

All 8 1/2" x 11" Mailing Labels USA blank laser labels, blank inkjet labels, blank mailing labels, blank address labels and blank shipping labels are premium brilliant white uncoated paper designed to provide good print quality in both laser and inkjet printers. The specially formulated pressure sensitive permanent acrylic adhesive is ideal for office use featuring good adhesion to a variety of surfaces and minimized printer adhesive build up. Acceptable product performance is expected to be from one to two years stored at room temperature (72ºF) and 50% relative humidity. Specialty application face materials and adhesives for laser and ink jet printers must be custom manufactured requiring 10,000 sheet minimums. Please visit Kingston Sales Co to request a custom quotation for your unique specialty application.

Mailing Labels USA - free label templates

Free label templates are template documents that provide the layout for all products. Mailing Labels USA provides the templates free of charge in Microsoft® Word (.doc) and in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). Download the template and create your own professionally designed "sticky" labels by adding text, logos, clip art or photos. Mailing Labels USA free templates may be used for mailing address labels, return address mailing labels, shipping address labels and a multitude of labeling applications. Various other uses include I.D. labels, inventory labels, rewards on school papers or projects, seasonal decoration stickers, item labels for retail or garage sales, group or organization publicity and promotions and more. An *Avery® label similar layout cross reference is listed. (Note: Changing the table cell size, set up or formatting may affect your graphics or text positioning when printed.)

Mailing Labels USA - Microsoft® Word

Mailing Labels USA Microsoft® Word (.doc) templates may be used in any version of Microsoft® Word. The templates are provided for easy and quick creation of professional looking labels and are compatible with many label programs. Use the label templates for a mail merge operation. Use the label templates to create your own professionally designed "sticky" labels by adding text, logos, clip art or photos. Click on the icon next to "free template" to download a free template for the corresponding sheeted label product. (Note: Click "show gridlines" on the Table menu in Microsoft® Word to see the label cut lines for text and graphic positioning.)

Mailing Labels USA - Adobe® PDF

Mailing Labels USA Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) templates are viewable using Adobe® Acrobat Reader. (Note: Modify the print options to avoid a pdf image smaller than actual size by unchecking "fit to page" or setting page scaling options to "none" when printing a pdf template using Adobe® Acrobat Reader.) Create a label in graphic programs such as Adobe® Illustrator, Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe® InDesign and others by adding layers to a selected PDF template as the background layer. (Note: Select the background layer and turn it off or erase the entire layer prior to printing.)

Mailing Labels USA - printer

Templates are guidelines only. Every printer is uniquely different from another in mechanical design and software programming. Minor adjustments may be required. Any issues due to printer settings, adjustments, printer quality, and/or printing difficulties not relating to the quality of Mailing Labels USA products is the customers responsibility.

Mailing Labels USA - to our customers

To all of our customers, Thank You for the opportunity to be our business partner. Mailing Labels USA division of Kingston Sales Co truly values your business and looks forward to building and continuing our relationship with you. Our one price policy means no extra add on tax, ground shipping and handling costs to you, our customer. If this is your first experience with, please give us a try. We would like to show you how quality products, excellent service and competitive pricing creates a valued customer-supplier partnership. Thank You again for your business!

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Mailing Labels USA division of Kingston Sales Co. respects all product names, product numbers, trademarks and logos used here in are registered to their respective companies. Avery® "similar layout" cross-reference numbers used are solely for selection of desktop publishing template layouts and are not indicative of performance or product type. No advertisement, logo, graphic design, photograph, wording, or statement is intended to infringe any copyright and/or trademark or any other intellectual property right claimed by any individual or entity.
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